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j2 + doing embarrassing things for each other

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Oh come on! What now they’re keying cars?!?

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DeanYou know a video that would have gone viral? If we still had it? When you were five and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off the shed because you thought you could fly!

SamAfter you jumped first!

DeanHey, I was nine and I was dressed up like Superman. Ok, everybody knows that Batman can’t fly.

SamWell i didn’t know that! I broke my arm.

DeanI know you did! Then I drove you to the ER on my handlebars.

DeanAh, good times.

Sam: Yeah, they were …

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1x18 - 9x14

there’s something never change

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2nd favorite line in John’s Journal


"He’s [Sam] got all the willpower us Winchesters are known for, but in him it sits quietly. You don’t notice it’s there until he decides he feels strongly enough about something that he won’t compromise. Then you might as well wrestle angels."

When It comes to wrestling angels Sam’s the undefeated champ.

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